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WKA ManCup - MRP

Finally after about four months off, it was time to race again. With the addition now of Yamaha Heavy, I would be racing five classes this weekend.

First up was Cadet 1 and I would qualify third, just .064 off the pole. I moved to the front quickly in the pre-final taking the win. The final had me leading almost all the way until the last lap. I didn't run a defensive line, and Aidan got me in turn two. A tough loss to take, but a great first win for Aidan.

HPV was next and once again I would qualify third and then take the pre-final win. The final was non eventful with me in third pretty much the whole race.

Last race on Saturday was Yamaha Heavy. I struggled alittle in qualifing, ending up fifth. My Dad made some changes for the pre-final and kart really improved, finishing fourth. The final would once again come down to the last lap. This time Aidan made a bold move in five, knocking both of us back behind Kyle Tilly.I would hold on for third with Aidan taking second. Needless to say after losing the Cadet race on the final lap, this was a devastating way to end the day. Hopefully Sunday would be better.

Qualifying for Cadet 2 would put me on outside pole. In the Pre-Final James Bennett and I would pull about a two second gap on the rest of the field with me taking the victory. A bad start in the Final dropped me back to third but I soon worked my way to the lead. Santino Ferrucci was also working his way through the field and would be on my bumper in the closing laps. On the last Santino and I would swap the lead twice with me taking my first win of the weekend.

Yamaha Sportsman would be the last race of the weekend. I missed pole by .096 of a second, ending up third. After a fourth place in the Pre-Final, the Final would be a rough trip. Twice I was off the track, falling back to eighth at one point. At the finish I had worked my way back to fourth.

So ends a long weekend with me making all five podiums in the classes I run. Road America is up next but before that I'll have two Midwest Sprint Series races to run.