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WKA ManCup - Trane Motor Speedway

After our success at the Grand Nationals, my confidence was pretty high heading into Trane Motor Speedway. Only an hour and a half away from home made the traveling much easier too.

Another sweep in Yamaha, I would capture Pole, prefinal and final. This time though I would need the help of my Merlin teammate Trent Hindman. After getting passed by Jake Cole in turn one, I would to wait for straight to pass him back. Coming down the straight Jake would run the inside line, leaving me only the outside to pass going into the Monza. As I pulled out of the draft I could feel Trent behind me pushing me past Jake. A big thank you goes to Trent, as I never would have made it passed without is help.

HPV would see me battle with James Bennett all race, but I just couldn’t find away around. Two more national podiums, not a bad weekend.


Yamaha Jr Sportsman 1st
HPV Jr Sportsman 2nd