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WKA Man Cup - Lowes Motor Speedway

First Daytona now Lowes Motor Speedway, wow I must be dreaming. With one Man Cup already in the books, I was really looking forward to this race.

Because of the weather in Illinois we were still not able to do any testing but my Dad and Jim Perry discovered a defect in the chassis’s that we were unaware of in Daytona. With that fixed I was really confident we would be fast.

A spin in Yamaha (my mistake) dropped me way back, but I was able to charge back to 11th at the checkered. Not the result I wanted, but I was happy with the speed we showed. HPV would go much better, as I would be in third almost the entire race. A motor problem would drop me to 5th on the last lap, but I was still happy – my first National Podium! We almost missed our plane so I could take the Podium pics. Luckily my dad knows how to drive fast (it didn’t hurt to have Jim Perry and Zach Busch copiloting), we made with about ten minutes to spare.


Yamaha Jr Sportsman 11th
HPV Jr Sportsman 5th